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The Second Act Of Elliott Murphy DVD

DVD - The Second Act Of Elliott Murphy

The DVD of the ninety-minute documentary The Second Act Of Elliott Murphy, featuring interviews with Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Willie Nile and others, is now available and includes a bonus of the complete 2015 Elliott Murphy with Olivier Durand concert in Bilbao, Spain performing fifteen songs in front of a wildly enthusiastic audience. This award winning film, directed by Jorge Arenillas, tells the remarkable story of how Elliott Murphy, once renowned as one of the 1970's "new Dylans" rediscovered his audience and began a successful new career in Europe. Includes many vintage scenes and photos. Note: PAL version only in English with subtitles in French and Spanish.

Paris Stories

Marty May - Available In English!

Virtuoso rock guitarist, Marty May found glory at a young age, living the high life of a rock star in New York during the 1970's. Then his promising career, along with his marriage, slipped away and at thirty-three he is living alone, broke, without a record contract and hassled by collection agencies. Marty fears that he has blown not only his career but any chance at a normal life and wonders if he should go back to playing the blues alongside his first mentor Blind Red Rose. Set in the 1980's when times turned tough for true rockers and the music business became more about the business then the music, Marty May is the story of a man vulnerable to temptation while trying to stay true to his most precious beliefs. Both elegant and tragic like The Great Gatsby put into the age of rock 'n roll, Elliott Murphy's legendary first novel is finally available in English in it's full original version.

Paris Stories

Paris Stories - New Book of Short Stories!

Paris Stories is a collection of eleven short stories by American singer-songwriter Elliott Murphy, author of two novels and over thirty-five albums of music. Written in Europe where he has lived since 1989, these stories reflect both the same expatriate experiences in the spirit of Henry James, Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway and capture the mood of the city itself during the last years of the 20th Century.

Limited Edition The Last Of The Rock Stars Pen

Limited Edition "The Last Of The Rock Stars" Pen

Pen designed in collaboration with Elliott Murphy. Excerpt chosen by Elliott Murphy and engraved on the pen, "Rock & Roll is here to stay-But who will be left to play .." Model shown on photo, color: Anthracite Laser engraved anodized aluminum pen. Retractable & rechargeable ballpoint pen in hexagonal shape in polished anodized aluminum with Waterman "Ball Point Refill" black refill.

Available via Stylos KCL France website.

Coming Home Again and Notes From The Underground by Elliott Murphy

Coming Home Again & Notes From The Underground (Mudi Versions)

We have just discovered a few boxes of the Mudi (Norway) CD versions of Elliott Murphy's albums Coming Home Again (2007) and Notes From The Underground (2008). Both albums rated 4 1/2 stars by All Music Guide users and both these CDs feature bonus tracks not included on the original releases. Notes From The Underground has a total of 15 songs and kicks off with fan favorite "And General Robert E. Lee" (which Elliott has included in his current concert set lists) and includes live versions of "Navy Blue" and "Sonny" recorded in Norway. Coming Home Again has a total of 13 songs and includes "A Touch of Kindness" (a top ten single in Belgium) and includes previously unreleased versions of "Gone, Gone, Gone" & "Back in New York." Get both albums now before they our stocks run out for the very nice price of both CDs for 20€.

Just A Story From America

Lost Generation - CD with Bonus Track!

Elliott Murphy's second album Lost Generation is now available in a limited edition CD version which includes a bonus track of a honky-tonk instrumental version of "Visions of the Night" featuring Frank Owens (Highway 61 Revisited) on piano recorded in New York in 1975. Lost Generation was recently featured in a rolllingstone.com article entitled "10 Singer-Songwriter Albums Rolling Stone Loved in the 1970s" and was recorded in Los Angeles at Elektra Studios by Paul Rothschild who also produced The Doors and Janis Joplin. The album included such legendary sidemen as Jim Gordon (co-writer of "Layla"), Bobby Kimball (Toto), Richard Tee (Paul Simon) and Sonny Landreth (John Hiatt) and includes such Murphy classics as "Hollywood" and "A Touch of Mercy."

Just A Story From America

Just A Story From America - VINYL!

The classic Elliott Murphy album Just A Story From America is now available as an LP on 180g Vinyl. Originally released on Columbia Records in 1977, Just A Story From America features Phil Collins on drums as well as a spectacular solo by former Rolling Stone Mick Taylor on "Rock Ballad." Other highlights include "Drive All Night" and "Anastasia." With an average user rating of 41/2 stars on All Music Guide, Just A Story From America has only gained in importance in the classic rock lexicon. The album is now available at the Elliott Murphy site and all copies bought through the store will be personally autographed by Elliott.

Forty Poems In Forty Nights

Forty Poems In Forty Nights - Poetry

Elliott Murphy has published his first book of pure poetry titled Forty Poems In Forty Nights and it's now available directly through the site. This book finally brings to the public a project that Elliott has been planning for quite some time ever since he came across a file of poetry on a discarded computer that he had nearly forgotten about. All of the poems in this collection were written in Europe where Elliott has lived since 1989 and although a few of his early poems were published in Rolling Stone Forty Poems In Forty Nights marks the first collection of his poetry published in book form.

Aquashow Deconstructed CD

Aquashow Deconstructed - New CD

Elliott Murphy's new album Aquashow Deconstructed is the long-awaited return visit to his classic first album Aquashow (1973) where each of the ten original songs have been re-recorded with stunning new arrangements, intense vocals and renewed excitement. The original album title came from his father's 1950's watershow and the seeds for these songs were planted while Elliott was busking for change in Europe in 1971. He explains: "Even though the original Aquashow album was released in 1973, the songs have always stayed with me as I continue to play many of them, particularly 'Last of the Rock Stars,' 'How's The Family' and 'White Middle Class Blues' in concert. Now, forty years later, I decided to record these songs again, in a different way, deconstructed, while maintaining the integrity and emotional link to the original. It was quite an intense for me, to revisit these same songs with my son at the recording desk so many years later." Aquashow Deconstructed will give Aquashow a well-deserved second life (Prestigious UK music magazine UNCUT recently called it an album classic) bridging the last century to the current one. This was the album that critics heaped praise and proclaimed Murphy the new Bob Dylan, Lou Reed or even, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Aquashow Deconstructed will be an instant classic for the legions of long time Elliott Murphy fans and also the perfect album to introduce new listeners to his music. In today's instant celebrity atmosphere it is rare that an album is released with such a historic story behind it. Elliott's son Gaspard Murphy has produced this album with young ears (he is now the same age Elliott was when he recorded the original (24 years old) and Elliott himself tried to play as many of the instruments as possible with brilliant contributions from his long time virtuoso guitarist Olivier Durand. And, as you might expect, like the original, Elliott is sporting a dandyish white suit on the cover! A classic album is reborn!

Last Of The Rock Stars
How's The Family
Hangin' Out
Graveyard Scrapbook
Poise 'N Pen
White Middle Class Blues
Like A Great Gatsby
Don't Go Away

Justicia Poetica

Justicia Poética Book + Poetic Justice CD EP

Poetic Justice, the acclaimed neo-western novel by Elliott Murphy has been published in a superb Spanish edition Justicia Poetica by Tropo Editores and includes a 4 track EP Soundtrack in search of a film... which includes two original songs written by Elliott for this publication - "Poetic Justice Theme" and "The Ballad of Petit-Jean" - as well as a reading by Elliott of Chapter 1 of Poetic Justice (in English!) backed by harmonica and guitar and a previously unreleased rocking version of "If Poets Were King" to celebrate the iconic American poet Walt Whitman who figures prominently in the story of Poetic Justice.

This package includes both the book and the CD EP.